Sustainability of the supply chain

From the raw material to the result: in every step of the production chain, MY.ORGANICS is committed to making informed choices. MY.ORGANICS places research at the service of the most sensitive skins and customers that pay particular attention to their body’s needs. MY.ORGANICS body and hair care lines take care of your wellbeing through the use of nature. MY.ORGANICS believes in a sustainable production chain from the farmer to the customer, in order to develop responsible business models. We take care of our body by taking care of our planet.


Careful selection of the best ingredients

MY.ORGANICS uses raw materials of the highest quality and precious natural ingredients, certified organic or biodynamic, which bring researched and unprecedented beneficial properties to the product formulas. All MY.ORGANICS lines are unique and innovative because they exploit the intrinsic power of nature in favor of the well-being of the person and the environment.


I’m Green™

MY.ORGANICS bottles are made up of 93% or more of GREEN PE. It is a Bio-PE or Green PE, a polyethylene made with renewable resources from sugar cane from Brasil.

I’m Green™ is a bio-based bioplastic that is completely recyclable: a biopolymer that offers versatility and a favorable carbon footprint, produced by Brazilian company Braskem.



We also strive to offer experiences of growth and sharing to our customers, by supporting MY.ORGANICS salons and hairstylists with a constant updating service provided by our group of highly qualified technicians: MY.TEAM ACADEMY. This team of international hairstylists and technicians created MY.TRAINING, a proper educational method based on training, coaching and demonstration shows, which allows professionals who work at the salons to maximize their potentials while using our products.