MY.ORGANICS has always paid a lot of attention to the issue of sustainability and works every day with the utmost respect for the nature that surrounds us.

Among the numerous environmental problems, one of the most serious is undoubtedly the presence of plastic in the seas around the world.

This year, MY.ORGANICS wanted to do even more in support of our Planet:

We proudly announce the new partnership with Ogyre!

Ogyre is the first Italian platform, active globally, of Fishing for Litter that collects plastic from the seas thanks to local Italian, Brazilian and Indonesian fishermen.

The waste collected during normal fishing is stored and brought ashore. Once in port, marine litter is properly cataloged and disposed of.

Thanks to Ogyre, 6,405 kilos of waste were collected from the waters in 2021! The initiative plans to have more and more fishing boats sail in the years to come: approximately 670 Ogyre boats will sail the seas between now and 2024, to exponentially increase the kilos of recovered plastic material. All this happens thanks to the precious commitment of the crew of fishermen who collaborate with Ogyre: thanks to their effort, the seas around the world will be cleaned of everything that is not fish; from the Atlantic Ocean, to the Indian Ocean, passing through the Mediterranean Sea.

MY.ORGANICS supports this revolutionary project, in the hope that the Ogyre fleet can expand more and more.

Follow our fishing boats in the seas of the world!



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