Brand history

Brand history


How two brothers faced the unpredictable to change the world

At MY.ORGANICS we want to spread the philosophy of possibility, an example of how dreams should not remain secret wishes but must become the chance to turn obstacles into new goals. The passion for hair care and the drive to overturn the traditional canons of hairstyling were precisely the starting point of a ten-year success story.

MY.ORGANICS was founded in 2012 by Alessandro and Alberto Lievore, who boasted a decade of experience in the field of hair care and followed their family tradition (the first Lievore salon opened in 1967 near Venice)

“After years of intense activity in the haircare sector and after having refined our interests in sustainability, the intuition that the well-being of the person can only be pursued by approaching the study of more natural products has turned into a real project. Thus began the study of products formulated with the addition of certified organic ingredients, eliminating petrochemical substances that are potentially harmful to health.”

With the intention of operating in the highest range of the market, the first MY.ORGANICS lines of hair care products were created, as the result of in-depth testing and a careful selection of ingredients with the best beneficial properties.

Family approach, research and development of the highest quality standards and sustainable supply chain make MY.ORGANICS is a company that over the years has built a global network of official distributors and an entourage of over 4000 salons in 23 countries around the world, which give away every day to its customers an unforgettable wellness experience.