Hair Color Treatments

64 nuance

MY.COLORS is the colour beauty treatment for all hair types. Its plant-based, precious active ingredients give professional results and guarantee the total coverage of white hair. The formula features calendula, argan oil, keratin and olive leaf extracts, combined with the active ingredient AMINOTECHTM have an antioxidant, energising and detoxifying action, giving hair strength and ensuring highly professional hair colouring.

Olive leaf oil has a restructuring action on the stem thanks to the high content of polyphenols, plant molecules with a strong antioxidant power. This precious natural extract makes MY.COLORS formula a proper beauty treatment, that enhances the shine of the hair, reviving its color. In addition, the active ingredients present in the olive leaves help to strengthen and soften the hair.

65 nuance

The Colorganics line is formulated with high protective substances and active ingredients of natural origin. The innovative formula features hemp oil*, green tea, aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid.
*The hemp extract contained in the formula does not contain cannabinoids.
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